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Best Penis Extenders Review

The top rated penis traction device from SizeGenetics is famed for its gain of 2 to 3 inches in less than 6 months! Based on numerous reviews, SizeGenetics is the leader in the penile enlargement market.

With its amazing build quality, guarantee and bonuses there is much to love about this extender however there’s no reason to dismiss other, high quality penis enhancement products as you could quite easily bag yourself a bargain and still achieve the results you desire.

Top 4 Penile Enlargement Devices Compared

Brand Name



Male Edge

Ultimate Stretcher

Device Type
Gains in 6 months
1.5 - 3 inches
1 - 2 inches
1 - 1.7 inches
1- 1.6 inches
Shipping Box
Leather Box
Leather box
Carbon Box
Carbon Box
Length Measurement
Instruction - DVD
Clinical Background
Comfort Strap
Money back guarantee
6 month money back guarantee
Double money back guarantee
Double money back guarantee
6 month money back guarantee

Exercise DVD

How to improve sex DVD's

Lovecentria Online access

No Bonuses
No Bonuses
No Bonuses
Discount Codes

ECON8 - $50 OFF 

Not at the moment
Not at the moment
Not at the moment
Free Shipping
Our Rating
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Official Web Site
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The following comparison chart compares, side by side the 4 leading penile enlargement devices in the industry; whether your motivations are price, the guarantee, the extras or the potential for increasing size you’re sure to find the best penis extender to meet your needs and your wallet.

Find out more about each product by visiting their official sites!

How to Choose a Penis Extender?

Penis extenders are immensely popular with men nowadays. Many men, who feel that their size or the lack of it is a real reason for having a terrible sex life or women dumping them, use extenders. This article will tell you as to how to choose a penis extender which will not only yield satisfactory results but will also last long, really long.

Since the market for penis enhancement pills and devices is always filled with imitations and fake products built with cheap quality materials, it is imperative for men to understand how to choose a penile extending device which is the best in the market.

The benefits are not just physical but are emotional and psychological as well. The failure of a similar product at the time of ‘need’ can scar a man’s personality forever. He can easily be subjected to bouts of depression.

Here are a few tips for you to understand as to how to choose a penis device which will really yield results.

  • Choose a product which is simple to use and as a customer, you can have discussions in case of any doubts with the customer care team over the telephone. Do not believe in the ones which offer chat support or emails.
  • Do not choose a penis extender which offers a warranty for a limited period of time. In fact, go for a product which offers lifetime warranty with no conditions at all. In case you feel that you need more information on the subject, you can ask a customer care person for proper details.

  • There are two kinds of penis extenders available in the market. The earlier version which is also known as the ‘single strap design’ has a serious defect in it. It actually let the penis perspire leading to dangerous side effects. In the latest version of design or the ‘double strap design’, the penis is supported well and there is minimal risk of bacterial or fungal infection.

Look for additional benefits along with the penis extender such as a manual or a DVD to explain the procedure of using it clearly.

While deciding on what penis extender to buy, remember one main thing and that is that this is a product about utility. Gold plating or such kind of fancy adornment will not change the utility factor of the product. Therefore, do not waste your money on such cheap gimmicks.