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Vimax Extender Review: Inexpensive, Yet Still Permanent?

There really are countless products on the market that claim to give you “male enhancement”. But, what is that? In recent years, one would have thought that male enhancement meant that it would enlarge the penis.

But, somehow the industry decided to change the rules in the middle of the game, and they now say that male enhancement means “better performance in bed”. So, are there still products that can give you a larger penis, or was that just a myth? The key is weeding through the good products and the bad.

For instance, there are a lot of “supplements” out there that have claimed to increase the size of your penis. But, after spending hundreds of dollars and a half-year on these products, it can be rather obvious that the growth is not permanent (whether or not there was any growth to begin with.)

Looking at these products in a logical light, that is almost like telling someone that they will have a sexier, more muscular body, if they take a certain medication, supplement, or shake without doing any regular exercise. This obviously does not make any sense, yet we still fall for the same gag every time.

The Realistic Approach

In order to enlarge the penis, here’s what has to happen: you need to change the anatomical makeup of your penis. This is not easy, but it can be done, and it has been done for years with a measurable amount of permanent success. However, these methods required time and privacy. There is a different way to accomplish this without an abundance of either.

One of the best solutions is called the Vimax Extender. This device will actually alter the existing tissues of your penis through a “stretching” process. In fact, this process is strikingly similar to your pre-workout stretching routine. Did you notice that you are more flexible now than you were before you began stretching? That’s because you “lengthened” or “enlarged” your tendons, granting you farther range-of-motion.

small image of vimax extenderThe Vimax Extender works the same exact way. Basically, the device consists of a “vice” and a base, with two spring-loaded rods doing the work of the stretching.

How it works is that the vice grips the head of your penis and pulls it away from your body, slowly stretching the tissues over a long period of time.

Through the slow application of micro tears and healing cell duplication in the tissue, the Vimax Extender will produce permanent enlargement results that you can see. This is a long jump for male enhancement.

The Vimax Extender

Here’s where the Vimax Extender really begins to shine. The product is currently listed at $99, as opposed to the four hundred dollar costs of other similar products. The interesting part about this is that the Vimax Extender review posts that are circulating the Internet have said that the quality of the product differs very little. Now, other products may come with other fittings, but if that is of little concern to you, then you stand to save about $300 on enlarging your penis.

In terms of effectiveness, most Vimax Extender review posts have even said that the progress can be measured to about .25 inches every two weeks. So, consider the fact that in 16 weeks of regular use with the Vimax Extender, you will be a whole 2 inches larger than you were. And, you can do this, still retaining the ability to have sex during the process.

These Vimax Extender review posts are from real customers, who have experienced permanent growth. For the first time in history, there really is a true, permanent penis enlargement option for the “poor man”.

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