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Peyronie’s Disease: A Brief Look At Symptoms and Treatment Alternatives

Do you have problems with having intercourse? When you have sex, do you experience an uncomfortable amount of pain? Is it difficult to even have sex because of the way your penis is shaped?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, then there is a pretty good chance that you might be dealing with Peyronie’s Disease symptoms. Now, all of these issues don’t necessarily mean that you do have this particular disease, but it may be a smart call to talk to your doctor to see if this is the case.

The Symptoms

Peyronie’s Disease symptoms will most likely include:

- Awkward curvature of the penis.
- Difficulties having sex.
- Painful sex.
- Narrowing of the penis on the shaft.
- Overall shortening of the penis.

If you deal with these symptoms, then there may be a good chance that you are dealing with Peyronie’s Disease. This condition occurs when the tissue on the under-side of the penis shaft is either “scarred” or it has not developed properly.

In essence, the tissue does not allow for the proper stretching needed for sex, meaning that it will be difficult and painful for intercourse. These Peyronie’s Disease symptoms will last your entire life if the problem is not dealt with.

Now, if you are a younger man, you may not be noticing all of these symptoms, but they may manifest themselves more severely as time goes on. In fact, men who are 50 and older will begin to have serious problems, even having a hire risk of prostate cancer. So, what are your options?

Surgery, Medications, and Complications

There are a few ways to handle Peyronie’s Disease, as there are a few procedures that can help. However, these methods come riddled with adverse side effects and possibly heavy costs.

Some of the first things that doctors will try are “steroidal” or Cortisone and Verapamil injections. In addition to that, they may even try forms of radiation therapy, coupled with shockwave lithotripsy.

These methods are going to be rather risky, have many difficult side effects, and could cost you large amounts of money if you aren’t medically insured. Also, even if you do have insurance, many formularies consider these procedures to be “cosmetic” in nature, rather than essential, meaning that they will not cover one dime.


Now, here’s the good news for you. Peyronie’s Disease does not have to be the end of your sex life, especially if you don’t have several thousands of dollars to drop on surgeries, procedures, and medications that may not even work in the first place.

One product that is out on the “non-prescription” market is known as the SizeGenetics extender. Essentially, it was first used by the physical therapeutic and medical industries to treat problems like Peyronie’s Disease. However, in recent years, it has moved from there to helping men with male enhancement.

The SizeGenetics extender is a device that lightly stretches your penis over a long period of time. This “stretching” can actually correct your Peyronie’s Disease through micro tears and cell duplication. Also, because stretching is taking place, it actually helps with blood flow and circulation, which is essential for both gaining erections and preventing against prostate cancer. The SizeGenetics device will give you the ability to correct your penis condition in a safe, natural, and non-surgical approach.


Peyronie’s Disease symptoms have a potential in being uncomfortable, embarrassing, and downright dangerous. So, it is important that you find a way to fix the problem before it’s too late. However, the SizeGenetics extender can help do it, so that the cure is not worse than the disease, as is so common in the medical industry.

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