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Eight Lifestyle Changes That Will Boost Your Sexual Stamina

When asked about their sex lives, the main complaint aired by most men is that their sexual stamina is not ideal. Most would love to have stronger, longer lasting erections, yet are not at the stage where they would be classed as having erectile dysfunction (and therefore will not be given drugs to treat it).

Men are often unsure what they can do to help boost their sexual stamina without drugs, and this leads to their being seduced by expensive and ineffective products like penis pumps and useless creams. In truth, the things that are most likely to help increase sexual stamina are all simple lifestyle modifications will not cost you any money at all. If you adhere to the following advice, you should notice stronger and longer lasting erections in just a few weeks.

1) Make love in positions that help boost blood flow

position partner on top can reduce your blood flowAlthough it can be extremely fun and sexy to have your partner on top of you while you have sex, it is much easier for blood to flow to your penis if you are the partner on top.

If you are finding that you often lose your erection, experiment with primarily adopting missionary or rear entry positions for a while. These sorts of positions will help you to maintain much stronger erections for longer periods of time.

2) Cut down on fat and eat plenty of carbohydrates

Studies suggest that eating fatty meals shortly before attempting to have sex can lead to disaster, as high levels of fat in the body will reduce your testosterone levels. This leaves you with a low sex drive and weaker, unreliable erections.

Carbohydrates, meanwhile, have the opposite effect. Any food that is rich in carbohydrates is great at giving your body lots of energy, and it needs this energy if it is to boost the blood flow to your penis to the extent required to create firm erections.

Wheat bread and pasta are excellent sources of carbohydrates. In addition, don’t forget that healthier bodies have better circulation. Eat a varied diet, and the blood flow to your penis will be more likely to be sufficient to maintain a long-lasting erection.

3) Cut down on masturbation

There are two main reasons why masturbation can lead to erectile problems. Firstly, since masturbating requires having an erection, it stands to reason that each time you masturbate you are using up some of the physical energy and blood flow that is required to maintain strong erections during sex. Try to plan whether (or how often) you masturbate around when you next expect to have sex, ideally aiming to avoid masturbation for a three or four hour window before intercourse.

In addition, some men who masturbate regularly end up unable to get an erection when their partner stimulates them. This is because their bodies have effectively been 'taught' to respond only to their own very specific form of stimulation. If you think this is happening to you, masturbating less often and in different ways should help your body become more responsive to your partner (thereby making it easier for you to get and maintain strong erections during sex).

4) Try to be less anxious

Feeling nervous is one of the leading reasons that men lose erections during sex. There are many reasons why you might experience anxiety associated with physical intimacy. You might feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with your body shape, be scared of what a new partner thinks of you, or have entered into a vicious cycle in which previous erection loses have left you terrified of losing your erection each time you try to have sex.

If you think you have severe anxiety problems, try seeing a counselor. Otherwise, simply try to learn some new ways to relax (such as breathing exercises), or frankly discuss your worries with your partner. You might be surprised to hear about the private insecurities that she has been feeling as well.

5) Quit smoking and cut down on drinking

Smoking cigarettes reduces circulation in your body, and poor circulation leads to weaker and more unreliable erections. Alcohol, meanwhile, makes everything in your body less sensitive to stimulation, and so your partner’s attempts to arouse you are less likely to result in a firm erection.

6) Pace yourself during sex

You need to maintain decent energy levels if you want an erection to last. Instead of having fast and hard sex right away, try making love to your partner more slowly (which can often be just as intensely pleasurable). If you wear yourself out just a few minutes into sex, you are much more likely to lose your erection before you and your partner feel fully satisfied.

7) Think of ways to reduce stimulation

Some men are perfectly capable of maintaining an erection until orgasm, but have problems preventing themselves from having an orgasm very quickly. If this is a problem that you sometimes face, a very useful solution is to reduce your sensitivity.

If you do not normally wear a condom during sex, try buying one that is specifically designed to help prolong sex. You might also want to practice briefly focusing your thoughts elsewhere while having sex, but be careful not to overdo this in case prolonged lack of appropriate focus on sex makes you lose your erection.

8) Cultivate a fitter body

Men who work out reasonably often tend to be able to maintain stronger erections for longer amounts of time. It is thought that this is for a couple of different reasons. The first is that being fitter will lead to improvements in the blood flow to your penis. The second is that having a lean and muscular body tends to reduce the nervousness and body image issues that can lead to ‘stage fright’ problems with maintaining an erection.

Men who follow these eight points of advice over the course of a few months should find that they gradually develop much better sexual stamina. However, sometimes erection problems are due to underlying health issues. If you are doing everything you can to be physically and psychologically fit but are still finding it difficult to attain or maintain an erection, discuss this problem with your doctor.

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